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Water Rower Swing Tower Set-Cherry -2KG-4KG-6KG-8KG

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4045.00 AED 4045.00 AED
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Swing Free-Weights 
Swing free-weights are manufactured, sanded, oiled and sewn by hand. The handle is solid wood. Pouch- es are made of hand-stitched exclusive genuine leather. 
Swinging movements belong to our daily routine. They are highly effective and, therefore, a natural compo- nent of our range of moves. This becomes clear to us when our resilience (ability to withstand stress) dimin- ishes and pain simply hinders our momentum. 
Prevent this by incorporating Swing training into your workout: muscles, joints and connective tissue (fascia) will become flexible, supple and more resilient. 
The NOHrD-Swings change of emphasis beyond the extremities will facilitate elasticity. Your fascia is pre- cisely designed for such flexibility and also requires this resilience to stay in shape. 
The free-weights are available in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 kg, either in full sets (including Swing-Tower or Swing- Board) or separately. 

Swing Free-Weights 
All Swing free-weights are filled with an iron granulate (pel- lets), which support the dynamic imbalance of the movement by shifting within the leather sack. Your hands extra move- ments deliver varying exercise stimuli for your joints, muscles and connective tissue. Physical performance and resilience will be your results. 
Our space-saving Swing-Tower allows you to efficiently store your free weights. It is made of solid wood and offers space for up to 8 Swing free-weights. 
The included exercise book can be stored on the top book- and tablet-holder. More than 50 exercise videos feature a methodical build up and contain simple isolation sequences, as well as complex and more demanding routines. 


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