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Impluse Fitness Weight Assisted Chin-Dip Combo IT9020-IT9320

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Part of Impulse's 'Elite' range of equipment, this weight assisted chin / dip machine is perfect for any home or commercial gym. Built to the high standards you would expect from a leading equipment manufacturer, this machine will give you years of reliable use. Chin up and dipping stations are regularly found in training areas and this model will prove a hit with your members.
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When creating a strength area in a gym you want to ensure you have machines to train all the major muscle groups of the body. Weight assisted chin / dip stations provide 2 fantastic exercises in one machine and the weight assistance will allow beginners to perform chins safely. Chin ups are great for improving upper body strength and power. You will work the major muscles of the back and arms whilst performing chins. Dips are also a brilliant exercise and will work your arm muscles (most noticeably the triceps) and chest. With a 91kg weight stack for assistance, get chinning today!


Length: 122cm Width: 136cm Height: 220cm Weight Stack: 91kg / 200lb


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