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Kettler Power Center Kinetic F3 Multi Gym

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Kettler Kinetic F3 offers over 15 different exercises including butterfly, bench press, crunches, latissimus rope pull, rowing and leg curls & extensions
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Imagine giving your muscles an intense and challenging workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Now you can thanks to the Kettler Kinetic F3 Multi-Gym. This impressive machine has everything you need to tone, strengthen and define a wide variety of muscle groups. If you’re serious about getting in shape let this fabulous multi-gym help you achieve your goals!

Boasting an incredible range of exercises in a sleek, compact design the Kettler Kinetic F3 is the perfect addition to any home gym. Work your pecs with the butterfly and increase muscle mass in your arms, back and shoulders with bench presses, rowing and the latissimus pull-down station. Strengthen your calves, quads, glutes and hamstrings with leg curls as well as adjustable and cammed leg extensions. Seated crunches will get you on the way to serious 6-pack abs!

Designed with comfort in mind the Kinetic comes with an adjustable, padded seat, to keep you supported as you take your workout to the max. The innovative 3D Flex-Motion System provides a varied workout as well as smooth, fluid motion so movement is natural, allowing for optimum results from your training. All ropes are coated in tear-resistant polyester plastic for the durability that you expect from fitness giants Kettler. A weight stack of 5 – 80 kg (16 x 5 kg), which can be increased to 100 kg, gives incentive to take your exercise regime to the next level.


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