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Kettler Multi Station Home Gym (Pack Of 5)

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Featuring an 80 kg weight block and 16 steps, even our entry-level model, the "Multigym", creates a stunning overall impression. Taking up only a tiny amount of space, it offers all the key training options for weightlifting beginners, e.g. a latissimus tower, bench press, and butterfly.
3995.00 AED 3995.00 AED
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Technical Data
Max. weight load 80 kg
Plastic-sheathed steel ropes / polyester ropes in pulley system yes / -
Size when set up (L/W/H in cm) 181 / 109 / 200
Ball-bearing mounted deflection rollers for rope pull yes
Butterfly bar adjustable yes
Butterfly with eccentric phase yes
Colour black
Height-adjustable seat cushion yes
Max. body weight 130 kg
Weight blocks 5 - 80 kg (16 x 5 kg)
Adjustable bench press handlebars yes
Bench press seated yes
Butterfly forward Yes
Crunches seated yes
Downward rope-pull for varied arm and leg exercises yes
Latissimus pull yes
Leg curls yes
Leg extension yes
Rowing yes


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